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39D Services

Communications,IT Support

Matthew has always worked in the IT and Internet industry. Established more than 10 years ago,

He has always been delivering new tech services, and from a young age he has always got pleasure from taking apart electrical devices and learning how to fix them.
In this free time he enjoys Sailing and Kayaking, and actually spent a year teaching people how to Kayak.
Matthew gets enjoyment from passing on the knowledge and skills he possesses

To grow naturally within the capacity of a well-trained team and by continuing to maintain strong relationships with our existing and new clients.

To combine the skills and attributes of our team with a commitment to providing a professional and high quality level of service and support

To continue to grow the IT Help Desk Team, so that we have better continuity when our colleagues are off, and so we can support clients for longer working hours.

To help businesses have a reliable IT Infrastructure, that they can trust and work with as they grow.

To build the 39D team to around 15 members of staff.

To offer more Integration with Computers and Telephones.

To continue to keep up with the changing market of the Cloud and Hosting, with more businesses moving to the Cloud there’s more management required within a business to control which services are setup and where clients are storing their data.