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Alpha Vesta CIC

Support & Services,Training & Coaching

Alpha Vesta CIC was incorporated and created as a Community Interest Company in February 2019.

We have a very clear aim which is to reach victims of domestic abuse before they reach crisis point through creating awareness, understanding and training across communities through their workplace.

With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experiencing domestic abuse at some point during their adult life, home isn’t always the safe place it should be. The impact of rising domestic abuse is felt and ripples through communities at a rapid rate, costing the country an estimated £66 billion per year (Home Office, 2019). The average unit cost of a victim of domestic abuse is calculated at £34,015 whilst preventative costs were a mere £5 per victim.

We provide CPD Accredited Training, Consultancy and Policy Development in Domestic Abuse for businesses and organisations across Essex.  The direct impact on the workplace is improved staff well-being and confidence, reduced absence, reduced lateness, reduced insurance premiums as well as a safer workplace.  75% of women being stalked by an ex-partner will be stalked at work and 21% of victims of domestic abuse will regularly miss time off work due to concerns about their children, court hearings and meetings with school or health services.   This puts added strain on the victims workplace as well as the victim themselves.

Our ethos is that if workplaces adopt a culture of understanding and support from within their own organisation, supporting their employees and work colleagues through training and robust policies and procedures, this ripples out into communities through everyone they come into contact with through their work and beyond.